3 Simple Steps for going Natural

The benefits of switching to non-toxic natural products are amazing for your health and the environment. The saying goes your "health is your greatest wealth," and deciding to take the steps that will contribute to your wellbeing can make all the difference. When making the switch look for ingredients that do NOT contain aluminum, sulfates, parabens, or propylene glycol. Harsh chemical ingredients such as these can be absorbed into the bloodstream and will be toxic for your body with prolonged use. 

1. Start Using Natural Soap

While commercial soap is derived from harsh ingredients, natural soap is just as effective without the chemical additives. Natural soap is created using sodium hydroxide in other words called lye. The natural chemical process where lye is mixed with natural oils or fats and then heated is called saponification. At the point of curing, no lye is left in the soap. Did you know soap does not actually "kill" viruses and bacteria? Soap molecules work where bacteria is loosened from your hands and then washed away. 

2. Switch to Natural Deodorant

When used over time, commercial deodorant can clog your pores and will be toxic to your bloodstream. Which makes your body fight harder to prevent odor. Using natural deodorant without the extra pore-blocking ingredients makes it easier for your body's good bacteria to prevent odor to the point where you may not even need to put on deodorant. Keep in mind that everybody is different and will need to adjust to neutralize the smell of body odor. 

3. Discover Natural Oils 

Using natural oils can have a multitude of health benefits. The most common uses are anti-aging, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Essentials oils are also used for mood boosters and can aid indigestion. Some oils can even be used for smell and improve skin conditions for the hair and nails. 
Deciding to go natural does not need to be complicated. It can start with these three simple steps. The long-term benefits for yourself, your family, and the planet will be worth it. Think of it as a detox for the mind, body & soul.